b"FF FASTFACTSCONTACTWHEATON COLLEGE501 College AvenueWheaton, IL 60187wheaton.edu EnAdmissions phone: 800.222.2419 espaol Adventurous \x1finkingpginaOVERVIEW 201.Institutional control: PrivateSchool type: Four-year, liberal artsFor Christ and His KingdomAcademic calendar: Semesters Learn from Humble Leaders intoyourthe friendships you are forming. It is inChrist-Centered CommunityReligious affiliation: NondenominationalSchool size: 2,400 undergraduate students Fromthemomentyoustepthis community you will grow in your re-Student-faculty ratio: 10:1 first class at Wheaton College, you'll no- lationship with God and others. Number of registered organizations: 52 tice the faculty at Wheaton are different. COSTS AND AID (2022-23) They are at the top of their disciplines,Simply put, you don't need to compromise Undergraduate in-state tuition but more importantly, they are humblewhenlookingforacollege.At Wheaton, (academic year): $41,990 servants of Christ. They are eager to growyou will learn from humble leaders at the Undergraduate out-of-state tuition in relationships with their students andtop of their respective academic fields. You (academic year): $41,990 are here to be your mentors and guides.will have numerous opportunities to grow Room and board (academic year): $11,920 Theywillguideyouasyouembarkonin adventurous thinking and put your new Scholarships: Yes choosingclassesthatalignwithyourintellectual ideas to work, all while in the Grants: Yes interests through the general educationsafe, grace-filled community of faithful be-Loans: Yes curriculum: Christ at the Core.lievers. Average financial aid package: $26,000 Students receiving scholarships/grants: 85%Numerous Opportunities to Grow inWork-Study: Yes Adventurous Thinking Co-ops/Internships: Yes In classrooms on Wheaton's campus to theDISTINCTIVEADMISSION Northwoods of Wisconsin, you'll take yourDPPROGRAMAverage GPA: 3.75 learning from hearing lectures to hands-Average ACT score (middle 50%): 27-32 ontesting.FromtheBlackHillsScienceThe Aequitas Fellows Program is a group of high-Average SAT score (middle 50%): 1280-1430StationinSouthDakotaandHoneyRockly selective, four-year cohort academic scholars Essay required: Yes OutdoorCenterforLeadershipDevelop- who focus on important interdisciplinary themes. Interview required: Optional menttothe75+studyabroadprogramsAequitas Fellows take classes and participate in Application deadlines: October 15, November 15,andurbanengagementopportunitiesinexperiences centered around the chosen theme. January 15, February 15 Chicago, there are countless ways to growAll fellows qualify for an annual, renewable Application fee: $0 in intellect in the fields you want to pur- academic scholarship totaling $20,000.sue. The internship program is robust, and TOP 5 networking nights help you envision what T5 life will look like after college. MAJORSIn Community with Faithful BelieversBusiness/Economics In residential halls and houses to clubs Psychology andchoirsandteams,Wheaton'smi-Biology crocommunitiesarethereallife-force behind a complete education. In these Applied Health Science communities, you'll share what you are English learning, the challenges you face and the new ideas you are developing. Through 106 it all is the grace of God experienced in wheaton.edu"