b'Build a Lifelong FAST Foundation of FaithFFCONTACT FACTS at Word of Life Bible InstituteWORD OF LIFE BIBLE INSTITUTENew York Campus:4200 Glendale RoadPottersville, NY 12860Florida Campus:13247 Word of Life DriveHudson, FL 34669wordoflife.edu Deepen Your FaithOVERVIEW WordofLifeBibleInstituteeducates and MINISTRY|Ministry is more than just a Institutional control: Private preparesstudentstomakeadifferenceinweek of camp, more than a church service, School type: Co-Ed theircommunitiesandaroundtheworldandmorethananevangelisticevental-Academic calendar: Fall/Spring Semesters through intensive biblical studies and prac- though students will participate in all three Religious affiliation: Nondenominational tical ministry training. Its a place where stu- at WOLBI. Our goal is to teach students how School size: 390 Freshmen dents discover their God-given callings. to minister to others wherever they are at, us-Average Class Size: 260 in NY / 130 in FL ing the gifts God has given them. Word of Life Bible Institute offers both one COSTS AND AID (2022-23) andtwo-yearoptionsthatfocusonthreeWhetheryoudecidetopursuevocational Student Tuition & Room and Board: $19,800core tenets: study, life, and ministry. ministry or secular employment, youll learn Scholarships: Yes how to use your gifts for Gods glory at WOL-Grants: Yes STUDY|Because studying the Bible isBI.Loans: Yes the best way to know God, we lay a foun-dation in Gods Word from the moment ADMISSION students step onto campus. Coursework Average GPA: 3.25 beginswithourrigorousBibleSurveyDISTINCTIVEACT score: Not required class and branches out into various speci- DPSAT score: Not required fications taught by expert guest lecturersPROGRAMSEssay required: Yes of the highest rapport.We believe in ac-Interview Required: No ademic excellencethats why studentsMinistry Internships Application deadline: Rolling will gain as much credit as a minor in uni- (Cross Cultural, Youth Ministry,Application fee: $10 versity through just one year at the BibleCamp Ministries) Institute.LIFE|Itshardtodescribewhatitslike Israel Study Tour living in a community of believers dedicated to knowing God, growing in Him, and serving togetherbut WOLBI alumni say its the kind Word of Life Bible Institute is a fully-accreditedof once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shapes collegiate-level program that does not grant degrees,a persons entire character.but rather offers 32 Bible credits that transfer out to any other Christian University.Students at the Bible Institute study in the sameclasses,serveinmanyofthesame ministries, andhavemanyofthesame life-changingexperiences. This develops a natural camara- Join us for a visit:108 derie that leads to lifelong friendships that go wordoflife.edu far beyond the campus. Plus, there are tons of fun activities to take part in.'