b"FF FAST FF FASTFACTS FACTSCONTACT CONTACTINDIANA WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY JOHNSON UNIVERSITY, FLORIDA4201 South Washington Street 1011 Bill Beck BoulevardMarion, IN 46953 Kissimmee, FL 34744indwes.edu/called johnsonu.eduAdmissions phone: 407.569.1172Admissions phone: 765.677.6507 Financial Aid phone: 407.569.1368Financial Aid phone: 765.677.2116OVERVIEWOVERVIEW Institutional control: Private, nonprofitInstitutional control: Private IWUstudentsliveandlearnwithinaship.WecantwaittohaveyouvisitExplore. Find. School type: Four-year undergraduate and graduateSchool type: Four-year, liberal arts Academic calendar: SemestersAcademic calendar: Semesters Christ-centered culture that is committed tocampus to discover more! We welcomeJohnson University is an encouragingBible and theology to help you think biblical- Religious affiliation: Christian Church/ Church Religious affiliation: The Wesleyan Church disciple making and influencing one anoth- you to tour IWU in person to experiencecommunitywherestudentsdiscoverly and critically.of ChristSchool size: 2,463 residential undergraduate students whotheyareandwhoGodcreatedSchool size: 149Average class size: 13 er to become more like Jesus in every areathegenuinecommunityofourcam- Average class size: 10Student-faculty ratio: 13:1 of life. IWU is intentional about helping stu- puswithstudentsandfaculty.Andbethem to be. JUs three-fold, multi-dis- Gods World|The arts and sciences cur- Student-faculty ratio: 8:1ciplinaryapproachequipsstudentsriculum includes a study of history, litera- Four-year graduation rate: 32%Number of registered organizations: 20 dentsdiscovertheirGod-givenindividuali- sure to check out the new Wildcat 360with an understanding of Gods wordture, philosophy, communications and theFreshman retention rate: 50%ty and life calling, and to grow in kindness,VirtualTouratindwes.edu/visitwhere(the Bible), Gods world (arts and sci- sciences to help you effectively understandCOSTS AND AID (2022-23)COSTS AND AID (2022-23) ences), and Gods work (career prepa- and relate to the world around you.Undergraduate in-state tuitionhumility, belonging, integrity and courage youcansoarabovecampusorzoomration), producing graduates who areUndergraduate in-state tuition(academic year): $29,684 (academic year): $17,384our community values. downtogroundlevelforanupclose,ready to do meaningful work and en- Gods Work|Whatever your calling, yourUndergraduate out-of-state tuitionUndergraduate out-of-state tuition highresolutionimmersiveexperience. joy meaningful lives. professional studies major will build upon(academic year): $17,384(academic year): $29,864 your strengths and passions to equip youRoom and board (academic year): $7,168Room and board (academic year): $10,050 About an hours drive from the two largestGods Word|Each Johnson undergraduatefor a lifetime of fruitful service in an ev- Average additional fees: $1,230Total: $39,734 cities in Indiana, IWU offers more than 80degree has at its core a substantive study ofer-changing world. Scholarships: YesAverage additional fees: $180 Grants: YesScholarships: Yes undergraduate and 30+ graduate degrees.Loans: YesJohnson University FloridaGrants: Yes The Universitys academic programs are na- DISTINCTIVERanked No. 57 among 411 Best Colleges for Average institutional aid package: $2,553Loans: Yes tionally known for their curricular innovation,DP Religious Studies in AmericaStudents receiving aid: 99%Work-Study: YesWork-Study: Yes use of hands-on learning experiences andPROGRAMS DISTINCTIVEDiverse educational experiences in a multi-Co-ops/Internships: YesCo-ops/Internships: Yes DP cultural setting ADMISSIONstudent success rates. For example, our nursingLife Calling and Career PROGRAMSIn the heart of the Sunshine State, minutes Average GPA: 3.0ADMISSION majors have consistently exceeded the NCLEXfrom Disney and just an hour from the Average ACT score: 19Average GPA: 3.6 national pass rate for the past 14 years. Visual Media Production and Design beach Average SAT score: 1155Average ACT score: 24 The Life Calling and Career Office Offering NCCAA basketball, soccer andCLT accepted: YesAverage SAT score: 1110 provides important tools to help youIntercultural Commerce volleyball. Essay required: YesEssay required: No Students run the school's coffee shop,Interview required: Nogain confidence in your major selectionSports ManagementApplication deadline: June 1Interview required: No McConnCoffeeCo.;conduct,publishJohnson University Online Application fee: $35Application deadline: Rolling while equipping you with skills to beginTeaching English as a Second LanguageRanked No. 1 Best Online College inDual enrollment/Early entry:Online & on campusApplication fee: Free andpresentoriginalresearchataca- your job search.Human Resources Tennessee in 2017demicandprofessionalconferences; Personal and innovative teaching methods TOP 5TOP 5 and travel the globe for academic stud- for associate, bachelors, masters andT5T5 ies,missionworkandperformances. doctoral programs MAJORS Includes a fully online MBA and a Ph.D. inMAJORS Our Wildcat athletic teams have won 188Leadership Studies.Nursing Crossroads League championships, 25 Cross-Commons Dining Hall and Caf! Business AdministrationElementary Education roads Leagueall-sports trophies, 441 NAIA Buffet-style dining hall Preaching and Church LeadershipPsychology All-Americansand16 NAIAnational Special event space Sport and Fitness LeadershipExercise Science cham-pionships. Coffee shop and caf PsychologyBeautiful landscaped outdoor plaza Elementary Education Social WorkPlenty of space to study, spend time with138 IWUisknownfordevelopingstudentsfriends and soak up the sunshine!139indwes.edu/called incharacter,scholarshipandleader- johnsonu.edu"