b'College Checklist Dr. Joy Robertson Matthew AugensteinDirector of School Counseling College and Career CounselorProvidence School of Jacksonville Providence School of JacksonvilleHELPFUL RESOURCES FRESHMAN YEAR JUNIOR YEARCAREER PREP Tell Us What You Like to Do career interest inventoryDetermine whichBegin a list ofStay involvedAsk your counselorDecide whether toRegister with theIf interested in a mynextmove.org tools to utilize foracademicwith clubs, athleticsabout YouScienceapply for admissionNCAA if you aremilitary academy time managementachievements/ and volunteering and inventory and use itunder a collegesplanning to competeor college ROTC, studentaid.gov/resources/prepare- and organization; awards, recognition,update/strengthento plan your careerearly decision, earlyin Division I or IIcontact a recruiter work with yourwork and volunteeryour list of achieve- aspirations.action or regularcollege sports. and research the for-college/checklists counselor to createexperience, andments and workMake a list of thesedecision program. Request transcriptspossibilities.S.M.A.R.T. goals.extracurricularexperience. careers and noteLearn about theto be sent at the end of knowhow2go.acenet.edu/index.html (specific, measurable,activities. UpdateLook for leadership the educationalprogram deadlinesyour school year.attainable, realisticeach year. opportunities. requirements forand requirements. and time-bound). each. (studentaid.gov)Use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research careers that interest you.bls.gov/ooh/ Get involved withAttendStart applying forAttendRegister for andVisit your top extracurricularcollege fairs! scholarships.college fairs! take the SAT, ACTcolleges during the Log in to your College Board accountactivities includingFind one near you @ Many applications canFind one near you @ or CLT. school year or in and work through the College Searchclubs, athletics andFindYourChristianCollege.com be completed as earlyFindYourChristianCollege.com the summer.Step-by-Step interface.volunteering. as junior year!bigfuture.collegeboard.org/find-colleges/how-to-find-your-college-fit/ SENIOR YEARcollege-search-step-by-stepTEST PREPSign up for College Board account satsuite.collegeboard.orgSOPHOMORE YEAR To stay organized,College ApplicationFinancial Aid When you decide create a master listProcess which school you Khan Academyor calendar with allAs soon as possiblewant to attend, important dates forApply to collegesafter December 1,notify that school of khanacademy.org/sat your senior year. early. complete and submityour commitment Be sure to includeyour FAFSA form atand submit any Sign up for ACT accountAthletes:application deadlines. Become familiar withfafsa.gov. required financial Register witheach schools act.orgappropriate athleticadmission requirements.Complete the CSSdeposit. eligibility center. Profile @ cssprofile. Many schools require FINANCIAL AID ASSISTANCE (NCAA, NAIA,Request letters ofcollegeboard.org. this notification and recommendationThis is used by somedeposit by May 1. FAFSA4casterNCCAA, etc.) from your counselorschools forYou may also want to notify other schools finaid.org or teachers who knowscholarships.of your decision to studentaid.gov you best. Make sureattend elsewhere.to give at least twoReview your college nacacnet.org weeks notice.acceptances and fastweb.comcompare financial aid cappex.com Write college essaysoffers. unigo.com Create a list of colleges toAttendand have your EnglishContact financial aid teacher or counselor visit and begincollege fairs! review.offices with any REFERENCES making arrangements.Find one near you @ questions.studentaid.gov FindYourChristianCollege.com FindYourChristianCollege.com Give your counselor aInvestigate your list of schools to which collegeboard.org you intend to apply. universitys scholarship listing and apply.14 15'