b"FF FAST FF FASTFACTS FACTSCONTACT CONTACTPOINT UNIVERSITY ROBERTS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY507 West 10th Street 2301 Westside DriveWest Point, GA 31833 Rochester, NY 14624point.edu roberts.eduAdmissions phone: 706.784.8504 orAdmissions phone: 800.777.4792 or 585.594.6400Financial Aid phone: 585.594.6150855.37.POINT (toll free)Financial Aid email: financial.aid@point.edu OVERVIEWFounded in 1937, Point University providesfore earning their degrees. For a full list ofNew York's Leading University for Character Education Institutional control: PrivateOVERVIEW an affordable, quality education within theother degree programs offered, visit point. School type: Four-year, liberal artsInstitutional control: Private, independent context of a Christian worldview. Studentsedu. Now more than ever, we need compas- YOUR CAREER|94% of employed gradu- Academic calendar: SemestersSchool type: Four-year, Christian are prepared to attain their professionalReligious affiliation: Free MethodistAcademic calendar: Semesters goals, equipped for spiritual growth andGlobal Impact|Our students and graduatessionate, competent leaders. ateslandedajobintheirfieldofstudySchool size: 1,670Religious affiliation: Nondenominational marketplace influence, and inspired to serve.are going into all the world to lead, love andwithin6monthsofgraduation.53%ofAverage class size: 20School size: 2,300+ At Roberts, we'll teach you how to navi- those students even had a job offer beforeStudent-faculty ratio: 11:1Average class size: 13 With access to a full range of extracurricularserve in a way that makes Jesus, the gospelgatepolarizingissueswithChrist-likethey graduated. Number of registered organizations: 48activities, vibrant intercollegiate athletics andand the cross visible to a world in need. More Student-faculty ratio: 12:1 community service opportunities, our studentsthan 4,000 alumni are serving and sharinglove.You'llbeencouragedtoseekoutCOSTS AND AID (2023-24)enjoy a robust traditional college experience.Christ in the marketplace and the nonprofitopposing viewpoints, empathize and ex- YOUR FINANCIAL AID |100% offull -timeUndergraduate in-state tuition COSTS AND AID (2023-24) Those seeking a close-knit, diverse Christianworld as entrepreneurs and professors,plore shared values. Your professors willundergraduatestudentsreceivefinancial (academic year): $34,788Undergraduate in-state tuitionenvironment in which faith is fully integratedcollege presidents and ministry leaders,care as much about your mental health asaid. The average aid package covers roughly Undergraduate out-of-state tuition(academic year): $21,150 (academic year): $34,788into the entire educational experience willnational recording artists and pastors, CEOsyour grades. Educate your character. Find50% of tuition!Room and board (academic year): $11,792Undergraduate out-of-state tuitionfind a home at Point University. and counselorsall fulfilling significant rolesyour people. Live your calling. Average additional fees: $1,666(academic year): $21,150 that extend the mission that brought themYOUR COMMUNITY|Find your people onScholarships: YesRoom and board (academic year): $7,300-$9,700 Challenging Academics|Our broad, cha- to this University. Grants: YesAverage additional fees: $1,150 our vibrantly diverse campus. Loans: Yesllenging curriculum is designed to prepare Scholarships: Yes studentstoleadintheirchosenprofes- DISTINCTIVEClaim your fame on an intramural sports Work-Study: YesGrants: Yes sions. We offer more than 40 degree pro- DP team Internships: YesLoans: Yes gramsfromassociatetobachelorsandDISTINCTIVE PROGRAMSRefresh your soul in chapel ADMISSIONWork-Study: Yes DPCo-ops/Internships: Yes masters degrees.PROGRAMSBuild your character in one of our 45+ Average GPA: 3.58Accelerated Options (Bachelor's andclubs (such as learning to lead through Average ACT score: 21-27 mid 50% rangeADMISSION When you come to Point, you are immediatelySecondary Education Master's) Student Government or writing for the stu- Average SAT score: 1040-1230 mid 50% rangeCLT Accepted: YesEssay required: No welcomed home as part of the familyandCounseling and Human Services Leadership You Certificate Program dent newspaper) Test optional: YesInterview required: No youll never just be a number or a face in theBiblical Studies and Preaching Forensic Science Essay required: YesApplication deadline: August 1 crowd. Instead, youll build authentic, lastingYOURTEAM|JoinorcheerforoneInterview required: NoApplication fee: Free relationships with faculty and classmates whoSociology or Communication Division II Athletics ofour20sportsteams!RobertsistheApplication deadline: Rollingcare about you. Youll experience small classAccounting and Information Systems onlyNCAADIIschoolintheRochester Application fee: Free onlineTOP 5 sizes and personalized attention from facultyCoaching Minor area. We just launched 4 new programs: TOP 5T5 members.womens field hockey, womens triathlon,T5MAJORS Our focus on pracademicsthe practicalmens volleyball, and Esports.MAJORSExercise Science application of academic principlesspansYOU'RE INVITED!| Bring your family andNursingManagement/Financial Management acrossdegreeprograms. Throughintern- discover why Roberts is the right place forTeacher Educationshipsandpracticums,throughserviceBusiness AdministrationBusiness Administration opportunitiestiedtocoursework,andyou.Computer Science/MathematicsCriminal Justice through working with professors who areSports Management and MarketingBiology real-world practitioners in their fields, Pointroberts.edu/VISIT164 studentsearnhands-onexperienceand165point.edu make a difference in their fields, even be- roberts.edu"