b"Student's Guide TO MENTAL HEALTHKnow Feeling very sad or withdrawn forSeeing, hearing or believing things that FAST more than two weeks are not realFFSeriously trying to harm or kill oneself Repeatedly using drugs or alcoholFACTS the 10or making plans to do soCommon Severe out-of-control, risk-taking Drastic changes in mood, behavior, personality or sleeping habitsbehaviorsWarning Sudden overwhelming fear for no Extremedifficultyinconcentratingor1894 22 60+ 40+ staying stillYEARAVERAGEETHNICITIES DENOMINATIONS SignsreasonIntense worries or fears that get in the ESTABLISHEDCLASS SIZEREPRESENTEDNoteating;significantweightlossor way of daily activitiesweight gainWHAT TO DO Start the ConversationIt worries me to hear you talking like this. Lets talk to someone about it.Ive noticed you havent been acting like yourself lately. Is something going on?Ive noticed youre [sleeping more, eating less, etc.], is everything okay today?Offer SupportBe patient, understanding and provide hope. Would you like me to go with you to a support group or meeting?I really want to help, what can I do to help you right now?DP DISTINCTIVE Be a FriendPROGRAMS Check in regularly and include your friend in your plansLearn more about mental health conditions AvoidsayingyoullgetoveritoryourefineTell your friend that this does not change the way you feel about themEncourage them to get helpGet AdviceTOP 5 Reach out to someone to talk to and get advice on how to help your friend.T5 Family membersMAJORS Counselors or advisorsTeachers or coachesFaith leadersProfessionalsLearn more at www.nami.org181223"