b'STUDENT College 101 First-Generation StudentsADVICEHeres some advice to make the most of yourI want to attend college. college experience and get ahead!We know youve heard it before: Get invol- How do I get started?ved! Clubs and volunteer opportunities areAm I a available year-round, so its easy to join aApplying to colleges can be an exciting-yet-stressfulFirst-Generation process! First, make sure youre on track with your community that shares your interests! grades, required tests and everything else you need tostudent?If you dont know where to start, the Stu- graduate and be college ready. Then, visit campuses dentLifeofficeisagreatplacetolearnor contact undergraduate admission offices to get inFirst Generation simply means more about ways to get involved on campus.touch with someone who will walk you through theyour parents or guardians have Trips, events and services are available toentire application process. Theyll make sure you getnot obtained a bachelors degree; all students.all your application requirements in on time and knowyoure the first in your family to Its natural to be scared, but youll even- whats going on every step of the way. go to college. Whether your par-tually find your place on campus. Maybeents never graduated or didnt youll find yourself acting in a play or com- Will I be able to academicallyattend college at all, being a First-peting on an intramural sports team.Generationcollegestudentis Use every resource available to you. Theysucceed in college? something to be proud of! areavailableforareasonandyouwontIt may seem like the courses youll take are a big step bother anyone by asking questions. Collegeup from your high school classes. Thankfully, there resourcegroupslovetohelpandiftheyare so many resources available to help you in your dont know the answer, they will find itstudies. A faculty advisor will make sure you take the for you. classes that are right for you. They will also help youIf I dont know anyone, how Trytointroduceyourself.Thecollegeregister and make sure youre on track to graduate.will I fit in and get involved?experienceissomuchbetterwhenyouFacultyarededicatedtoeachindividualstudents share it with friends. The great thing is thatsuccess. Chat with your professor over coffee or visitThe start of your college journey can be a great its easy to make friends on campus. Otherthem during office hours! opportunity to meet new people. Living on cam-students are new just like you so speak upMost schools offer tutoring services, test proctoring,pus is not only a great way to get that four-year about the homework with the person sit- academic coaching and a study lounge. They can teachcollegeexperience,butiswhereroommates ting next to you or strike up a conversationyou new study habits and help you navigate new aspectsbecomefriendsandfriendsbecomefamily. in the lunch line. ofcollegeliketimemanagementandterminology.There are also many clubs and extracurricular Keep an open mind. College is a place fullMost services are entirely free and available to all stu- opportunities on campus designed to appeal to of new people, new ideas and new experi- dents throughout the semester. different interests. Whether youre into ulti-ences. Some of the things youll experiencemate Frisbee or want to write for the school in college will be challenging, but all of itnewspaper, theres something for you to find will shape you and help you grow. How do I pay for college? and connect to.Sirley CarballoMarketing Strategist College can be less expensive than you think. Merit- and performance-based scholarships, grants, loans, Fresno Pacificand Work-Study opportunities can help cut down costs and make attending college a reality. Your first step University is to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA determines your eligibility to receive federal student aid and can also affect how much aid your school can give you. Next, look into scholarships for your particular area of study, ethnicity, sport or other areas of interest. 180 181'