b'article from the president the guide 2024 contentsUndergraduate Athletic Listing 126Interested in playing a sport at the Life is full of difficult decisions and choosing a collegeuniversity or college level? Find which schools in North America offer your sport, is certainly one of them. There are many optionsandand the division in which they compete.opinionsto consider. Its a big deal! Why Study in Canada? 174For many years, high school students andand the influence of others were all evi- An Exciting Journeyfamilies have wrestled with the questiondent. And the #1 choice was no surpriseAn international degree of whether a college degree is worth theat all. Parents influence the choice ofmay be closer than you think!time, investment, and sacrifice. IncreasedChristian schools more than any otherConsider Canada:176scrutiny from our culture further compli- factor. This is true at both secular andMeet Our Canada Schoolscates this process as tuition and fees in- faith-based institutions.Check out our campus profile pages,crease with students resisting loans andFast Facts, Distinctive Majors and more . . .debt. For families of faith, the idea of aHowever, it was also evident that faith Christ-centered education may seem outplays a critical role in students choice of aStudents Guide to Mental Health 181of reach. But that is not the case.Christian college. For these students, theFindYourChristianCollege.com Know the warning signs and what to do PHIL COOK, PhD opportunity to explore and grow in theirfor friends in need.Recently, I was able to complete a disser- faith was significant in the selection pro- is the President tation whose purpose was to determinecess. The colleges and universities in thisCollege 101 182the factors influencing college choice atpublication provide ample opportunitiesHelpful advice for first generation students of the North American faith-based institutions. The findings rein- for students to do just that.Is It Worth It? 4 and their parents.Coalition for Christian forced common knowledge and researchFive great reasons to attend a literature related to college choice. UsualIf you are a parent, think about whichChristian college or university.Perfiles de Pregrado en Espaol 184Admissions Professionals. factors like cost/financial aid, campusschools will enrich your child and helpMira nuestras pginas de perfiles del appearance and visit experience, aca- them grow spiritually. These are formativeSpotlight on Faculty & Alumni 6 campus, Datos Breves, Programas demic reputation, co-curricular activities,years. Make sure you are surroundingThe best way to tell you about our schoolsDistintivos y ms . . .them with people of faith and shared beliefsis to let the experts share their insights. Scholarship Tips for the208who will nurture their spiritual maturity.Maps and Directories of8 College-Bound StudentDont let tuition prices scare you. WorkUndergraduate Schools by Region 175 Ideas to jump-start your scholarship with the financial aid office to see what itExplore locations and contactpursuit.will cost your student to attend. Every situ-ation is different and you should not ruleinformation of NACCAP, ABHE, CCCU out a school until you have all the details.and CHEC member schools. What to Bring to College 210Be open and honest in your conversa- Essentials and more on what to pack.tions about the expectations of costs andDestination: Impact 12who will pay for what. Teach your studentChristian college & university alumni are smart spending and budgeting that willmaking an impact in a variety of vocations last a lifetime. all across the world.Multiple resources. One site.If you are a student, dont narrow yourCollege Checklist 14options too quickly. Be sure to keep anA year-by-year list of what you can do nowopen mind and heart. To find the best fit,to prepare.you should consider as many options asMeet Our16 -possible. There is no better way to get toUndergraduate Schools 180 THE GUIDEknow a school than a campus visit. Fol- Check out our campus profile pages,THE GUIDEA must-have resource for the low colleges on social media and connectFast Facts, Distinctive Majors and more . . . A must-have resource for the with current students to get your ques- college search processtions answered. Leverage the expertiseFinancial Aid 124 college search processof the admissions teams in your search. IfCOLLEGE FAIRSIts Not as Scary as You Thinkyou want to enroll at a Christian college orUnderstanding a few basic concepts may Find information about in-person andSCHOOL SEARCHuniversity, dont give up.help alleviate stress as your family plots the virtual events Search schools based on size, location, college search course. degree and athleticsAttending a Christian university is a worth-while investment that far outweighs theRESOURCESrisks. Our schools work to help studentsVirtual campus tours, financial aid have the best academic foundation pos- information and moresible so they can fulfill their calling in any career and stand out amongst other col-lege graduates.FindYourChristianCollege.com 3'