b'Scholarship Tips FOR THE COLLEGE- PARENTSBOUND STUDENTNo one can argue that college isnt expensive. But in addition tocan they write the essays, send the transcripts and includeMake Minutes Matteryour amazing letters of recommendation? Nope. Most of the federal loans and scholarships offered by each university as partthose promises sound too good to be true and they are. Parents, use this college scholarship tip to of your financial aid package, you can supplement your expensesencourage your teens to apply for and win Start Early more awards!with individual scholarships. Here are a few tips to help you offsetScholarship deadlines start as early as September. While the costs of your education. its true that a large percentage of scholarship applicationsStudents will be more receptive to working are due in the spring, many others are due in the fall andon college scholarships when they have a winter months. Most students are not ready to start applyingclear goal or time frame in mind.Start Local Create a New Email for scholarships until after the Christmas holidays. If youTeenagers are a tricky group. Ask them to Local scholarships have much less competition,Email addresses like sexymama@abc.com and budlight@ start early, your chances of winning those scholarships withGo out and win college scholarships and and if you concentrate on them youll have a muchxyz.com do NOT impress, they leave a bad first impression!early deadlines are automatically greater. you will more than likely get the typical teen greater chance of winning more money for school.If your email address is questionable, be sure to create aR U Text-Typin? eye-roll, as well as the response, I dont You can get a list of local scholarships from thenew one for all your scholarship information that you submit.When you fill out your scholarship applications, leave theknow how.counselors at your high school, but dont stop there.Little Scholarships or BIG Scholarships? text-type in your phone! Scholarship judges cringe whenSitting down together for 15 minutes a they read text-type. The lack of punctuation, improper useday, setting a timer if necessary, takes the Check out the websites of other high schoolsIf you only apply for the largest pay outs, that will cut outof capitalization, and mysterious abbreviations for phrasesfear away and allows you and your teen to in your area. Chances are that you will find evenmore than 80% of all scholarships! Apply for every scholar- will get your applications thrown right into the reject pile.walk through the process quicker and more more scholarships that you qualify for. The easiestship that you qualify for! Little scholarships do add up.accurately.way to find the scholarships at each highChange the Deadlineschool site is to look for guidanceNeed-Based Scholarships We all know how busy everyone is these days, and teen- Once they start, they will often want to or counseling and click on theDid you know that some need-based scholarshipsagers are no exception. When you see a scholarship thatcontinue beyond the planned time as they links provided. consider anyone with a family income level belowyou would like to apply for, plan to submit it at least a weekrealize scholarship work is not as hard as $100,000 to be needy? Dont forgo applying forbefore the actual due date.it sounds. Starting around the first of theneed-based scholarships just because you think year and continuing throughyour parents make too much money! You neverGive It a Visual Boost The biggest hurdle is often just getting spring, your local newspaper willknow what income levels they consider tooWith thousands of students applying for the same scholar- started, so dont be afraid to get creative be a great source for more. It willmuch to qualify for their scholarship. ship awards, you need to learn how to make your applica- with ways to entice your student to take the likely have a Names In the Newstions feel different to the touch and look visually differentleap and plunge into the big wide world of section. Watch that section care- Dont Pay Someone to the judges from all the others. Its all about marketingcollege scholarships!fully! They will share local schol- to Search for You! yourself and giving your applications the edge.arship winners, the names of theNo one can guarantee scholarships, and the companiesthat youll win aMonica Matthews,that offer them. Write downa former teacher and now scholarship. Sure,how2winscholarships.com stay-at-home mom, has this information and applythey can find for the scholarshipshelped all three of her sons scholarshipsShe runs a successful website full of tips, blog andwin tens of thousands of next year. for you, butguides to help in the scholarship search.scholarship dollars. 208 209'