b'Bethlehem CollegeRESIDENT UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS WITH ACCELERATED MASTERS OPTIONSFF FASTFACTSDP DISTINCTIVEPROGRAMSGRADUATE AS A MATURE ADULT READY TO WITNESS FOR CHRISTWITH WISDOM AND WONDER FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.TOP Dont waste your college life. Spend it in an intentionally small, T5 church-based school learning and sharing the great truth thatMAJORS God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.JOHN PIPER, CHANCELLOR Learn more at apply.bcsmn.edu/college.ONE OF THE LOWEST TUITIONS IN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION, ABOUT $7,500 A YEAR.Bethlehem College and SeminaryFinish size: 8.375 in. x 10.875 in.Bleed: .125 in.Non-bleed live area: 7.625 in. x 10.125 in.CMYK, 300 ppi'