b'the guide 2023 contentsarticle from the directorConsider Canada:175Meet Our Canada SchoolsCheck out our campus profile pages,LifeisfullofdifficultdecisionsandchoosingacollegeFast Facts, Distinctive Majors and more . . .is certainly one of them. There are many optionsandCollege 101 180Helpful advice for first generation students opinionsto consider. Its a big deal! and their parents.For many years, high school students andHowever, it was also evident that faith plays a Perfiles de Pregrado en Espaol 182families have wrestled with the question ofcritical role in students choice of a ChristianMira nuestras pginas de perfiles del whether a college degree is worth the time,college. For these students, the opportunitycampus, Datos Breves, Programas investment, and sacrifice. Increased scrutinyto explore and grow in their faith was signifi- Distintivos y ms . . .from our culture further complicates this pro- cant in the selection process. The colleges andGrad School Road Map 202cess as tuition and fees increase with studentsuniversities in this publication provide ampleQuestions to ask yourself resisting loans and debt. For families of faith,opportunities for students to do just that.as you consider grad school.the idea of a Christ-centered education mayfindyourchristiancollege.comseem out of reach. But that is not the case.If you are a parent, think about which schoolsDirectories of203Graduate Schools by RegionPHIL COOK, PhD will enrich your child and help them growExplore locations and contact Recently, I was able to complete a dissertationspiritually. These are formative years. Make whose purpose was to determine the factorssure you are surrounding them with people ofinformation of NACCAP, ABHE, CCCUis the Executive Directorinfluencing college choice at faith-based in- faith and shared beliefs who will nurture theirIs It Worth It? 4 and CHEC member schools. of the North American stitutions. The findings reinforced commonspiritual maturity. Dont let tuition prices scareFive great reasons to attend a Christian college or university. Meet Our Graduate Schools 206Coalition for Christian knowledge and research literature related toyou. Work with the financial aid office to seeReady for the next step? Profiles of Admissions Professionals. college choice. Usual factors like cost/financialwhat it will cost your student to attend. EverySpotlight on Faculty & Alumni 6 graduate schools include Fast Facts, aid, campus appearance and visit experience,situation is different and you should not ruleThe best way to tell you about our schoolsprogram lists and more . . .academic reputation, co-curricular activities,out a school until you have all the details. Beis to let the experts share their insights.and the influence of others were all evident.open and honest in your conversations aboutStudents Guide to Mental Health 223And the #1 choice was no surprise at all. Par- the expectations of costs and who will pay for120+ fairs. Dozens of schools. 1 place.Maps and Directories of8 Know the warning signs and what to do ents influence the choice of Christian schoolswhat. Teach your student smart spending andUndergraduate Schools by Region 174 for friends in need.more than any other factor. This is true at bothbudgeting that will last a lifetime. Explore locations and contact secular and faith-based institutions.information of NACCAP, ABHE, CCCUScholarship Tips for the224If you are a student, dont narrow your optionsand CHEC member schools. College-Bound Studenttoo quickly. Be sure to keep an open mind andIdeas to jump-start your scholarship Destination: Impact 12 pursuit.heart. To find the best fit, you should considerCHRISTIAN COLLEGE FAIRSas many options as possible. There is no betterChristian college & university alumni are way to get to know a school than a campusmaking an impact in a variety of vocations College Checklist 226all across the world. A packing list of what to bring to college.visit. Follow colleges on social media and con- Begin Your Searchnect with current students to get your ques- Meet Our14 -tions answered. Leverage the expertise of theUndergraduate Schools 201admissions teams in your search. If you wantCheck out our campus profile pages, Are you looking for a college or university with a specific major, location, size or athletic to enroll at a Christian college or university,Fast Facts, Distinctive Majors and more . . .dont give up.opportunity? Start your search at findyourchristiancollege.com! Youll find a full list of Chris-tian university and college fairs110 being hosted all over North America. You can speak face to Financial AidAttending a Christian university is a worth- Its Not as Scary as You Thinkface with multiple college and university representativesat the same event. Maybe youd while investment that far outweighs the risks.Understanding a few basic concepts may rather search online? Its simple . . . use the School Search to find which schools match your Our schools work to help students have thehelp alleviate stress as your family plots the unique interests. Youre one click away from exploring your future. Start your search today!best academic foundation possible so theycollege search course.can fulfill their calling in any career and standUndergraduate Athletic Listing 112out amongst other college graduates.Interested in playing a sport at the university or college level? Find which HIGHER ED HIGHER PURPOSE PODCAST schools in North America offer your sport, and the division in which they compete.Todays college-bound students have many questions. Many parents dont under- Why Study in Canada? 173Choose a Major Decide on a Location Consider the Size Check out Athleticsstand how much has changed since their college years. Guidance counselorsAn Exciting JourneyWhat do you want to beDo you want to stay close toWhat do you prefer . small,What sport will you also have a hard time keeping up with post-COVID industry changes. Its why weAn international degree have launched the Higher Ed Higher Purpose podcast. It will enlighten, empowermay be closer than you think!when you grow up? home or venture far away? medium or large? continue to play in college?and inspire so you can be confident in the search journey to find the best fit for your student. Find us on all podcast channels.@ findyourchristiancollege.com 3'