b'EDUCATION GOESBEYOND THE CLASSROOMOur Work-Learning-Service program prepares you for the work force FF FAST and helps you develop a solid work ethic and leadership skills. FACTS Work-Learning-Service makes a difference in education by providing an opportunity to develop character, reduce tuition, and gain job experience.Develop Godly CharacterWork - Learning - Service gives youtheopportunitytodevelop and practically apply character in the workplace. As a student you will learn the importance of soft skills such as punctuality, initiative, and diligence.Reduce TuitionIt is more important than ever to make a college DP DISTINCTIVE degreeasaffordableaspossible.Weprovideyou PROGRAM withtheopportunitytoreduceyourtuitionthrough our work-learning-service program.Gain Job ExperienceEmployersarelookingforpeoplewithexperienceanda good work ethic. Ecclesia College provides you with the T5 TOP 5 opportunity to begin building your resume before you MAJORS graduate.Visit our campus inSpringdale, AR'