b'article spotlight article spotlightAngie Thomas 11 Dr. Dan JensenUniversity Attended:Belhaven University Profession:Title: BFA Creative Writing Author Endowed Professor of Employer: Engineering andWestmont CollegeBelhaven University Director of the A Christian edu- Jackson, MS Engineering Program Santa Barbara, CAcation personally gave me a strongUniversity Attended: foundation to standUniversity of ColoradoB.S. in Mechanical Engineeringon. So often peopleMasters in Engineering Mechanicsmake it seem as if BiblicalPh.D. Aerospace Engineeringprinciples cant be applied toDesign, in my opinion, is all about everyday modern life, but a Christiancreating things that help people.This is a significant way education shows how they do. that engineers fulfill Jesus command to love people.Our Most rewarding professional experience: passion for designing well comes from our commitment to love people well, in the name of Jesus.I recently received a letter from an incarcerated teenage boy who read my book Concrete Rose. He told me that for the firsthave the opportunity to conduct research with professors westmont.edubelhaven.edu time in a long time he felt hopeful and inspiredMavericks storyLike all Westmont students, engineering majors will BELHAVEN UNIVERSITY showed him that he can turn his life around. He thanked me foror pursue their own projects and ideas. This hands-onWESTMONT COLLEGEwriting the story and giving him that hope. That is why I do whatexperience prepares them for engineering jobs and I do. That is why I write. graduate school.inspiring i4god.org fulfillingTHE INSTITUTE FOR G.O.D.Chantal Alison-Konteh13 Jaimee Arroyo, RN, MSN, FNP-BC, 10At Nyack, I learnedTitle:Profession:My clinic is now the true meaning ofFounder/ExecutiveFamily Nurse Practitioner renowned in Nashville service and what itDirector Universities Attended:and all over the U.S. means to be like ChristThe Institute for G.O.D. because were prac-in the world. There isEmployer:Tennessee State University ticing the holistic well-no way I would be ableHer Village Inc. ness that Jesus taught to serve my communityEmployer:us. I couldnt practice as effectively as I haveUniversity Attended: Hopewell Family Caremedicine the way I do without the strongNyack College Integrative Medicine,The Institute if I didnt receive such theology of serviceNyack College B.S. Youth &Co-Owner For G.O.D. a deep education in I received there. New York, NY Family Studies Nashville, TN the Scriptures at The Most rewardingInstitute. Christians professional experience:cant hope to make a Our space is a judgment-free space thatThe most rewarding thingchange in a particular honors the dignity and humanity of everyhas been when patients, withsector if they dont person simply because we are all image- spend time learning tears in their eyes, tell methe Word with priority.bearers of Christ. The Bible says thatthey feel like theyve been children are a gift from the Lord, thereheard and seen for the first time. They always ask how I know what arent any conditions around that, all children are gifts. Unfortu-to say to bring them so much comfort. In my head, I think of the nately, many of the children we serve are born into situations thatnyack.edu disciples who told Jesus they couldnt leave him because only he may not reflect that truth; being able to show up and offer familiesNYACK COLLEGE had the words of life. People are hungry for words of life. It makes tangible and intangible support is the best way I think that we cansense that they should hear those words at a doctors appointment. show them the love of God. Im happy its commonplace at Hopewell Family Care.67'