b'article spotlight article spotlightAngie Thomas 11 Dr. Dan JensenUniversity Attended: Profession:Title: Belhaven University Author Endowed Professor ofBFA Creative Writing Employer: Engineering andWestmont CollegeBelhaven University Director of theSanta Barbara, CAA Christian edu- Jackson, MS Engineering Programcation personally gave me a strongUniversity Attended: foundation to standUniversity of ColoradoB.S. in Mechanical Engineeringon. So often peopleMasters in Engineering Mechanicsmake it seem as if BiblicalPh.D. Aerospace Engineeringprinciples cant be applied toDesign, in my opinion, is all about everyday modern life, but a Christiancreating things that help people. This is a significant way education shows how they do. that engineers fulfill Jesus command to love people. Our Most rewarding professional experience: passion for designing well comes from our commitment to love people well, in the name of Jesus.I recently received a letter from an incarcerated teenage boy belhaven.edu who read my book Concrete Rose. He told me that for the firstLike all Westmont students, engineering majors willwestmont.edutime in a long time he felt hopeful and inspiredMavericks storyhave the opportunity to conduct research with professors BELHAVEN UNIVERSITY showed him that he can turn his life around. He thanked me foror pursue their own projects and ideas. This hands-onWESTMONT COLLEGEwriting the story and giving him that hope. That is why I doexperience prepares them for engineering jobs and what I do. That is why I write. graduate school.creating redeemer.ca fulfillingREDEEMER UNIVERSITYJacklyn Avila 22 Dr. Moriah Pellowe, 14Before the internship,Profession: Profession:Universities Attended: I had no knowledge orNews Producer Associate Consultant, Redeemer University, experience in news.Model Informed DrugB.Sc. in MathematicsJust a few months intoEmployer:Developmentmy internship, I realizedABC30/KFSN-TV University of Waterloo, how much I enjoyedEmployer:Ph.D. in Applied script writing, and IUniversity Attended: Pharmatheus Mathematicslooked forward toFresno Pacific Universityevery day that I workedFresno PacificB.A. Communications, with producers andUniversity emphasis onI have always writing stories. Fresno, CA Media and Film had a deep senseRedeemer UniversityWhat started off as an internship to completeof wonder andAncaster, ONher bachelors degree at FPU earned Jacklynappreciation for a full-time news producer position at thethe complexity and ABC30/KFSN-TV station. Avila now producesbeauty of Gods creation, and I have also wanted to steward several weekend morning newscasts my skills and abilities to help others.choosing stories, writing scripts, organizing the show and more. fresno.eduAs I learn more about the world around me through Just trying to jump into a career out of college without internshipFRESNO PACIFIC UNIVERSITY mathematics and biology, my awe for God and His creation experience would have been a huge struggle. only increases.67'