b'FF FAST Choosing a college can be FACTS A L I F E - C H A N G I N G D E C I S I O N .Y es, it can be about who you cheer for on Saturdays. And its certainly about the degree you come away with.But it can be so much more. It can be where you discover your calling, where you find lifelong friends, where you grow in your faith and where you gain the confidence to pursue your dreams. At Ouachitaeven if you dont know a single person when you arriveyoull be invested in personally, academically and spiritually from day one.CHOOSE DIFFERENT. COME LET US SHOW YOU WHAT WE MEAN.DP DISTINCTIVEPROGRAMSSCHEDULE A VISIT TODAY:OBU.EDU/VISIT I 1.800.DIAL.OBUT5 TOP 5MAJORS'