b'Nashville\'s Premier Missions CollegeFASTFF FACTS Become the disciple thatCONTACT makes disciples of all nations.THE INSTITUTE FOR G.O.D.401 Center StreetNashville, TN 37138i4god.org See ourAdmissions phone: 615.879.2022 SPOTLIGHT Financial Aid phone: 615.880.6781 ARTICLE on page OVERVIEW 7.Institutional control: Board of TrusteesSpiritually Mature, Competent Professionals for Global ImpactSchool type: Christian College (Bible & Missions)Academic calendar: Semester Credits, 8-week terms, plus optional terms in winter and summer SPIRITUALLY MATURE, BIBLICALLY LITERATE institutional mission.Religious affiliation: Nondenominational We believe the Bible is the authoritative word School size: 200 ofGod.God\'speoplereceivetheirval- GLOBALLY CONSCIOUS, MISSION MINDED Average class size: 12Student-faculty ratio: 10:1 ues,Undergraduatestudentsspendbetween Number of registered organizations: 12 direction,mission,purpose,andmeaning20-40 weeks on international mission experi-COSTS AND AID (2022-23) through His Word. There is no way a Chris- ences as a part of their curriculum. Students Undergraduate in-state tuitiontian can successfully navigate being "in thechoose a global campus to learn from Latin (academic year): $12,600 world, but not of it" without knowing Scrip- America, East Africa, South East Asia, and In-Undergraduate out-of-state tuitionture. That\'s why over 90% of the books of thedia. Grow your endurance for cross-cultural (academic year): $12,600 Bible are taught in our undergraduate pro- living over three separate trips facilitated by Room and board (academic year): $8,202 gram, and the Scriptures are used in everyyour professors and leaders in development Average additional fees: $950Scholarships: Yes course, including general education classes.work.Thisdynamiccombinationofeduca-Average Aid Package: $12,600 Biblical literacy is imperative to the success oftional opportunity and experiencing cultures Students receiving aid: 100% our students. Our program is designed to en- of poverty results in mission-minded gradu-Co-ops/Internships:Yes. Every on-campus student is guaranteed a job! sure students graduate with the confidence the prophet Jeremiah spoke of where theyDISTINCTIVEADMISSION wouldn\'t need to be told "know the Lord."DPAverage GPA: 3.59 PROGRAMSAverage ACT score: 24Ourgoalisbiblical:"theyshallknowme," Essay required: Yes and his "word will be within them, written onEducationInterview Required: Recommended their hearts (Jer. 31).Application deadlines: Rolling CounselingApplication fee: $50(waived if you mention The Guide!)Dual enrollment/Early entry: Online and OnCOMPETENT PROFESSIONALS FOR A WORLDFilmCampus IN NEED Maternal Health Missions Opportunities inStudentschoosefromtwomajors:Biblical TOP 5 Studies and Community Development (Mis- Sustainable Agriculture 20-40 5 Countries 96%T5 sions). Our majors combine with minors as MAJORS diverse as Maternal Health, Accounting, Film,weeks spent in the El SalvadorKenyaof Institute alumni areSustainableAgriculture,Education,Pub-Associate\'s in Biblical Foundations licHealth,Business, Theater,Music,Dance,third world during UgandaIndia still involved in missionsBachelor\'s in Biblical Studies Graphic Design, Web Development, the listyour undergrad The Philippines 5 years after graduation Bachelor\'s in Community goes on. Each minor pairswithanintern-Development (Missions) shipandemployment Master\'s in Biblical Leadership opportunities for professional development Master\'s in Missiologicallongbeforegraduation.Everyon-cam-Entrepreneurship pus Nashville, TN 615.879.2022i4god.org96 studentisguaranteedajob,workingfori4god.org Christianemployerswhounderstandour'